Why Invest In The Best Custom Flash Drives for Photographers?

With changes in technology happening now and then, more and more people are buying desktops without DVD drives. Flash drives have become the in thing and hardware manufacturers seem to have embraced this trend as well. Flash drives are super easy to use and as a photographer you can count on them to package and deliver your content to clients in a more professional manner. There are many good reasons to invest in a custom flash drive – we take a look at some straightforward merits of using these high tech devices to power your photography business.

Benefits of Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

1.Offers Convenience and Ease of Use

Custom flash drives are easy to use, lighter to carry around and efficient. With a flash drive, clients can quickly upload your photographs and easily get them out to their loved ones. In addition, a lot of customization options are available allowing you to customize them however you like by simply selecting from a wide variety of flash drives models, with various capacity options and different stylish and customized packaging options.

2.Reasonably Priced

Another benefit of using custom USB drives is their affordable price tag. There are various companies including well known industry leaders in USB flash drive technology selling the flash drives at very competitive pricing so anyone can easily afford one. As a professional photographer you can benefit from wholesale prices when buying in bulk. However, this does not mean you will not find an affordable USB drive if you’re not going to buy in bulk. Even if you just need a small amount of custom flash drives, you can easily get them at a good and reasonable price. So whether you would like a more elegant custom-made flash drive or a classic design drive, finding one that is within your budget should not be a hassle. What’s more, there are quite a number of manufacturers who provide their customers the possibility to customize their USB drives at more than friendly prices.

3.Helps in Improving Brand Awareness

Making a great lasting impression on your customers regardless of the types of events you usually cover is important if you want to improve your brand awareness. Drive design, color , size and inclusion of engraved and imprinted logos all play a big role in ensuring your brand is advertised and kept at a top-of-mind awareness stage all the times.

So by having your custom flash drive with your logo engraved on it, your clients are able to have a consistent and visually appealing reminder of your brand, work and name. It will also help your clients remember the amazing experience they had while using your services thereby increasing your chances of having them recommending your services to others. And the more your customers see your logo and brand, the better exposure your brand will get. From the USB drive to the packaging itself, you can have everything customized to match everyone’s needs.

Tips for Buying Custom Flash Drives

Understanding both the ins and outs of custom USB drives is recommended before making any purchase. So here are some tips to keep in mind when buying custom flash drives for photographers.

*Storage Capacity

Custom flash drives are available with a range of memory capacity from as small as 512 MBs up-to 128 GBs. Therefore, to choose the right storage capacity for flash drives, make sure to put in to consideration the needs of the recipients. Another simple way to determine the memory size of the flash drive you need is by taking a look at several past events you had photographed and how often you usually give out your digital files. You can end up saving a lot by not buying larger or smaller sizes than you need.

*Any Additional Costs for Customization

In most cases, you will be charged set-up fee for adding the engraved and imprint logo on your flash drive. And in situations where you choose more than one imprint colors or choose to upload a logo you may end up paying extra fee. Additionally, you may also be charged both standard shipping as well as processing rates so ensure you are aware of all additional costs before buying a custom flash drive. This way you will not have to worry about incurring more costs that you had not anticipated.

*Gift Packaging Available

Different companies offer different options for gift packaging for custom flash drives. Depending on your branding, there are a variety of packaging options you can choose from. You can choose to go with gift box options like wooden and acrylic boxes but if on a budget then a basic paper gift packaging box can be a good idea because it is free of charge. However, the key to choosing the best gift packaging is to make sure the packaging you choose to go with fits perfectly well with the custom USB drives and the feel you would like your brand to have for your customers. Remember good packaging should make you look professional and help in reinforcing your brand.

*Logo Engraving and Printing Options

Logo engraving and printing on USB drives can be done through different ways such as laser engraving, screen printing and photo printing. And since every method is better suited for specific product types and even materials, it is advisable to know whether the flash drives you buy have both logo engraving and printing options.

*Reputation and Reliability of the Company

The company where you buy your custom flash drive should have a good reputation. A reputable company should offer the best flash drives with the most competitive pricing. It should also be in a position to provide its clients with at least 24-rush production and delivery any time. So as a photographer, always consider the reputation and how reliable the company from where you buy your USB drives is just in case you need a refund as a result of faulty product.


With the consumer market slowly but steadily moving towards a disc free reality, as a photographer it is time you invested in a good flash drive. This way you can increase your customer base and sales through improved brand awareness while at the same time maintaining a positive brand attitude.

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