Customizable USB Drive - An Indispensable Tool For Photographers

A photographer is given the opportunity to work in an environment that is special. It's a photographer responsibility to capture the memorable moments in a celebration whether it's a graduation, family gathering, newborn baby, anniversary parties, weddings and more. It's really a satisfying feeling knowing your work will be cherished by your clients for very long time; perhaps even for the rest of their lives. This is why it's important that you get the best storage medium for your work.

Customizable Flash Drives

Working as a photographer often means editing photos, getting the best angle shots and manipulating the perfect lighting. For quite some time now, the final step of a photographer's work is burning the final photos to a DVD or CD, and proceeds to hand it to the client. However, there is a better way of doing things.

The New Medium

A customized flash drive for photographers is the new medium for storing your photos. This is because today's society is slowly shifting away from optical drives. In fact, it's not uncommon for today's smaller laptops to have no optical drives. Also, when was the last time you actually used your DVD or CD drive that's on your PC? If you are not using it that much anymore, can you expect your clients to still use theirs?

Ignoring this fact could be catastrophic for your business. Keep in mind that it's always better to provide you clients with the best, and that includes the latest in storage technology. USB drives are slowly becoming the standard for portable storage and the 3 billions of USB drives that are sold per year is a proof of that.

Customizable flash drives for photographers is a growing trend. This is good news as photographers now have a lot of options such as customizable color scheme, the chance to imprint your logo and variety of storage sizes. This gives the photographer to provide his/her clients something that is exquisitely packaged and truly personalized. On top of that, you are handing your client something that is easy to use and accessible almost anywhere.


The moment you hand over your client's photos, they often get very anxious to view them and share the treasured moments to their friends, family and co-workers. This is why a photographer's work can be often seen in popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. However, optical media makes the process of sharing these photos cumbersome as optical drives are not that readily available compared to the past. Furthermore, optical discs are easily scratched and damaged. A USB drive makes it easy for your clients to promptly upload the photographs via the computers, tablets and even smartphones.

Keep in mind that the more efficient and faster the client can view and share the photos, the greater level of client experience will be. Also for you, this a big, but subtle marketing medium; especially when the clients immediately uploads and share your work to different social media platforms.

Cost And Variety

Another big benefit of USB drives is the price. Not only USB drives are cheaper, but they are also a very competitive; especially if you compare it to older forms of media storage. Companies that offer customized flash drives for photographers often provide a lot of personalization options with low minimum purchase requirements. Furthermore, you have a lot of options when it comes to capacity. The small size of the USB drive can also a big boost to a photographer's branding if elegantly packaged.

Branding And It's Importance

Today's economic landscape is getting more and more competitive, even in the field of photography. The need to differentiate yourself is more important than ever. Thankfully, you can do your own brand marketing with little cost with the help of customizable USB drives. You have a great deal of cusotmziation when it comes to logo, design and color. It's also a great tool for meeting new clients as you can simply hand them a USB drive that contains your special offers, rate sheets and contact information. It's the best tool you have if you want to send across a great deal of information in situations that meeting time is limited.

In today's digital age, it is critical that you stay a cut above the competition or you're putting the future of your business at risk. Just delivering high-quality work may not be enough. These days clients expect the best and the latest. Clients will want a finished product that offers superior ease of use. Fortunately, you can achieve all this without breaking the bank. The perfect solution is customizable USB drives as it can provide your clients a better customer experience as well as infusing your own branding.

Photographer's Friend

This article has been talking about USB drive and a photographer's clients. And yet, USB drives are also immensely useful for the photographer in relation to work. USB drives are lightweight and very portable. This is very important as a photographer will carry a lot of gear into the work environment. The last thing that you need is a bulky or oddly-shaped storage device. A USB drive fits perfectly in one of your pockets.

USB drives also have superior transfer rates. A USB 3 drive offers a theoretical 4.8 gig per second transfer. This is very important as high-quality images are not exactly small in size. The last thing you want is slowing down your work because transferring your images from your portable storage device to your editing station takes too much time. And, let's not forget how irritating it is to wait while you are in a work mood. This is something that you should avoid as a negative emotional state rarely produce high-quality photography work.

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