Customized Flash Drives for Promotional Uses

Are you a key industry player that’s worried about new ways of improving your brand image? Or do want to employ a whole new strategy of leaving an everlasting impression on your contacts, clients or customers? Then worry no more because we are here to help. We are a Chicago-based flash drive technology company that specializes in making customized USB flash drives that are perfect for storing or delivering photos, designing files and/or videos. Our line of Flash drive manufacture feature promotional products for various clients across the business world. For instance, we can design a flash drive into a mold of a company’s logo, add an image from photo session or print a sweet message on the side of the custom flash drive.

What’s The Essence of Using Customized Flash Drives for Photographers?

As technology continues to evolve, most professional photographers are abandoning the use of CDs to store their work or share images with clients. And for a more creative photographer, using custom printed USB drive is one of the ways of giving customers something that’s worth keeping for a lifetime. Most of the products we work on a reliable and can really help a photography company to have flash drives that fit the brand’s image and feel. Regardless of the kind of material you want used on your USB drive, we can always work around your idea to come up with something perfect.

Our Key USB Drive Styles

In order to give customers a variety of choice, we design USB flash drives in a number of unique styles. We make use of various materials and shades of color to ensure you exactly get what you desired for. Here are some of the styles that we can come up with:

Contemporary Wood

Our team of designers has plenty of experience on wood flash drives and is always ready to make a stylish wooden drive based on your order. If you want a small or large (credit-card sized) USB drive, then we’ll design one from real maple wood or any other wood of your choice. There are different shades of wood you can choose from, hence you can never run out of option on which color to settle for.

Classic Wood

Whether you want your USB flash drive to be made from maple wood, almond or ash we can make a very beautiful design for you. We can also work with cherry, chestnut, ebony and kingwood to come up with your desired design. In addition, we can design your flash drive with a removable, magnetic cap for convenience of use. Feel free to include your business name, contact details or any other graphic that might be necessary to engrave on the flash drive.

Contemporary Metal

We help businesses to create great impression on current and potential contacts or clients by making metal flash designs emblazoned with business logos. Apart from the fact that the USB flash designs are made from high-quality materials, our metal models are simple yet sleekest looking in design. Other features that may be included in our metal flash drive designs include:

In What Sizes Do Our Custom USB Flash Drives Come?

We make and customize USB flash drive designs of memories ranging from 8GB and 16GB and even more. Our customization can allow for both landscape and portrait orientation hence images can perfectly fit on the drive style you desire. All our USB drives are fully compatible with Mac and PCs hence there’s no need to worry about the platforms on which to use them. Our USB Flash Drive dimensions may include the following:

Flash Drive Pricing

Being one of the leading flash drive technologies in the market, our prices on any size and style of drive is very competitive. Our magnetic cap and swivel flash drives are also fairly priced, something that ensures you enjoy even greater convenience at the lowest possible price. Well, the general price of a customized flash drive will largely depend on the following:

Our Production Timelines

Since we started business many years ago, our aim has always been to make faster deliveries to customers who present any size of orders to us. Our team of designers is always working round the clock to ensure businesses have the USB flash drives that will drive their brand image ahead. That’s why we are the only company that offers 24 rush production and delivery to clients across the world. We take new orders each day and with an efficient team of workers in place, customers are able to enjoy faster turnaround times.

It doesn’t matter the size and number of flash drives you want customized. Our company technicians are dedicated to giving each order the attention it deserves, hence uniform quality is achieved even in bulk orders. The fact that we’ve worked on orders from key industry players (both technology and corporate) means customers can always trust us for the job.

How Our Customized Flash Drives Can Set an Important Marketing Milestone for a Business

Customized USB flash drives are not just feature stylish and sleek designs but they also represent the larger image of the organization. Hence businesses should always come to us with an idea that will capture the mind of the target audience. That notwithstanding, the size of orders should sufficient enough to serve the promotional purposes they’re supposed to. Ideally, photographers and corporate businesses can use customized USB drives to build their brands when attending conferences, trade shows or any other industry gatherings. So try to push your image forward through our range of flash drive customization services.


For Speedy business flash drive customization services, call or email us today to give us an order. We have worked on customized flash drive orders for reputable customers across the globe hence you can make an order today regardless of where you’re located. And what’s more we provide fast turnaround times on orders and at very competitive rates, something that guarantees you value for money.